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February 2, 2019 Chair Office

Ideas for Choose Office Chair Rug

Office chair rug – The office is a place where we spend much of our time throughout the day, working, in meetings, serving customers, therefore, the decoration of this is a letter of introduction from the company itself, and you must have very Consider the feeling we want to convey with the decoration, since as we all know, the first impression is what counts!

It is not just another element of the decoration, choosing the office chair rug is a very important decision, especially if we want to mark the style of the room. For example, if our company has a classic decoration, or is modern and industrial style and we wanted to give a Vintage touch to our work-space, a carpet of traditional style is a perfect complement.

Currently, there is a wide variety of work-spaces. We can find co-workings, more classic offices, modern studios where art and design are mixed, in short, with so much variety of spaces; there is not a type of carpet or a specific design for this place.  However, as for the material, it has to be a resistant and good quality office chair rug. Therefore, it is recommended that it be knotted by hand and pure natural wool, having greater strength and durability. A carpet of cotton or acrylic tends to get dirty quickly, and spoil much faster if it is a high-pass area.

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