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Posted by Michelle on
March 30th, 2013

Caroline McCall, costume designer on Downton Abbey, tells all about Lady Mary’s wedding dress and what it’s like to work on the nation’s favourite period drama.

What inspirations/ideas did you have in mind when you designed Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery)’s wedding dress?
I wanted her to look ethereal. I knew there would be the shot on the landing with the light streaming through the window and I wanted her to twinkle in the light. We used a lace with a light silver thread through it so it would catch the light and embellished it with Swarovski crystals and rice pearls so it would twinkle.

How did it feel when everyone saw Michelle Dockery walking down the stairs in the dress for the first time?
A huge relief – we actually filmed the wedding before the stair scene so when Michelle came into the church, everyone gasped. It was a very special moment.

Why is the design of a wedding dress so important, do you think?
It’s usually the only day most women get to be the centre of attention and feel like a film star. Plus, it’s probably the most expensive outfit they’ll ever wear so you want to feel fabulous and confident!

Did you design Lady Mary’s flowers, too?
I asked for long stem Aram lilies as they were very fashionable at the time and they suited the simplicity of her dress.

What were wedding dresses typically like in the 1920s?
Early ’20s wedding dresses tended to be very soft and flowing, unlike their Edwardian predecessors which were heavily constructed. Soft lace, satin and gorgette were popular fabrics.

The main difference between them and today’s dresses is that most brides were married in church and it would have been unseemly in those days to bare your shoulders, so most dresses had sleeves.

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) said she felt like the Duchess of Cambridge in the dress. What did you think of Catherine’s wedding gown?
I thought it was beautiful – very Princess Grace! It was a very clever design because it had to make an impact in the scale of its setting, Westminster Abbey, as well as photograph beautifully, which it did. But it didn’t overpower Kate – it complimented her beautifully.

What’s it like working on Downton?
Very hard but very rewarding. We have a fantastic cast and it’s a pleasure to dress them!


New/old picture of Celebrities Attend Omega House

Posted by Michelle on
March 25th, 2013

I stumbled across this new/old image of Michelle at the Omega House back in August of 2012. Since we’ve been so deprived of Michelle news lately, I figured something was better than nothing! I also know that Michelle was out dancing it up at the Soho House a few nights ago. I’m trying to find images. If anyone has any links, please leave them in the chatbox. Thanks! =)

Inspired by the magazine’s first-ever Best-Dressed Challenge—in which stylish members of the public are invited to submit themselves for consideration to the International Best-Dressed List—we’ve spotlighted the most fashionable figures in politics, Hollywood, finance, and even religion. Now we turn our eye to television, to the fictional men and women who, despite their era or budget, remain consistently chic. Ranging from a Prohibition gangster to a high-powered attorney to a pubescent 60s teen, these current prime-time characters are always suited or go-go-booted to perfection.

Lady Mary Crawley
Downton Abbey
Whether she’s buttoned up in tweed or dressed in a gauzy tea-party shift, the eldest Crawley sister (Michelle Dockery) consistently resists the siren call of waistless, potato-sack frump that lured many a beautiful lady to ruin during the inter-war years.

See the rest!

So, it looks like Michelle did not attend The Book of Mormon last night. Boo. However! Here is a brief promotional clip Michelle did to promote the Blu-Ray and DVD sets of Downton Abbey with Swedish viewers! Something’s better than nothing, right? ;)

Admiring Michelle Dockery now on Tumblr!

Posted by Michelle on
March 21st, 2013

I am very pleased to announce the companion Tumblr account to Admiring Michelle Dockery! Click the image below and be sure to follow us! In addition to posting the latest updates on the main site, you can also get the latest updates through our Tumblr feed. Happy Tumbling #TeamDockers!

Okay! So, I contacted Michelle’s agent directly through her agency page. I received the following reply this morning:

Dear Michelle,

If you could send it to our address here at Hamilton Hodell we will
make sure it gets forwarded on to Michelle.

So hope is totally not lost, right? I emailed him back and made sure Michelle’s fan mail address we have on the site is correct and he said that it was. So, I’m going to try again! I’ll try to send it out today. I am very relieved to receive this response. My fingers are crossed that our gift makes its way to Michelle, wherever she may be! I cannot thank all of you enough for your support. Michelle truly has the best fans in the WORLD! =)

Michelle is reportedly set to attend the The Book of Mormon opening night tonight at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Her appearance was announced via The Media Eye on twitter, and it looks like other big name celebrities are attending tonight as well.

Hopefully Michelle does attend…it’ll give us some brand new event pictures to swoon over! =) If you’re in the London area and want to see the show, ticket information can be found here.

Both the actress and the model looked vibrant in the bright Peter Pilotto frock — but who do YOU think wore it better? VOTE!

Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery, 31, looked nothing like conservative Lady Mary! Sporting a silhouette designed by Peter Pilotto to a Pre-SAG Awards party back on Jan. 26, the star paired the dress with some bright red pumps, along with a bright red pout that really popped. The beauty accessorized the look with a shiny clutch. Michelle wore her hair in a chaotic up-do that off-set the demure feel of the frock. While her look is seriously so bright, can too much color be a bad thing? Regardless, the dress looked fierce and was an excellent choice in terms of showing off the woman’s more diverse and playful style that appears to be evolving.

Leave it to a Victoria’s Secret Angel to steal the show! The always stunning Candice Swanepoel, 24, sported the exact same dress at the debut of the Victoria’s Secret 2013 Swim collection on Mar. 12 in LA. To be fair, anything any of the Angel’s wear is not only going to be instant hit, but an instant motivator to hit the gym! The model flaunted her toned shoulders in the halter dress. Choosing to wear her hair in a polished bun, Candice looked poised and runway ready. The sleek and sexy dress elongated, (as if she needs it!), Candice’s svelte frame. Taking a different route in terms of accessorizing the frock, Candice chose to pair the vivid print with black pumps, which kept the look balanced between sophisticated and trendy.

Who do YOU think wore it better?


To preface this post, it is not good news. Today, I came home and found the mailer stuffed into my mailbox. When I opened it, all of the birthday project items were inside. The Christmas card had been opened, but I’m not sure by whom. There was a mark on the outside of the package that was checked Not called for. Can anyone from the UK shed some light on what that means? I’m assuming it means that the package wasn’t picked up. In addition, there was, what seemed to be a sticker across the agency address to a garden flat apartment, addressed to Michelle. Not quite sure what that’s about to be honest.

I am beyond disappointed and basically in tears at this point. Michelle’s star dedication, our notes of support and Christmas wishes were probably never seen by her.

I am truly at a loss as to what to do about this. I followed the instructions of Michelle’s agency, so I’m not sure why she never received the package, or why the Christmas card was opened. I will check with my host who has some good connections in London to see if we can contact Michelle’s agent. I have tried contacting him once and did not receive a response.

I will always support Michelle, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely disappointed right now. I understand that she is very busy and doesn’t have time to read all of her fan mail. I just wish her agency would have left some sort of explanation inside the mailer.

Anyway, this site is going nowhere, and maybe one day, it can be confirmed that Michelle knows about Admiring Michelle Dockery. She will always have our love and support and this site will always be your number one Michelle Dockery source.

Michelle, Webmaster

While viewers may still be mourning the death of Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, his replacement has already been found, with Tom Cullen joining the cast of series four as Lady Mary’s new love interest.

Fans were left outraged on Christmas Day after Matthew was killed during the final minutes of the festive special, with his untimely demise coming the same day as the birth of his first child.

Producers tried to quell the unrest by promising a new love interest for Lady Mary, with Miranda star Tom Ellis initially tipped to take the role.

But now Carnival and Masterpiece on PBS – which broadcasts the show in the US – has confirmed Lord Gillingham will be played by Welsh actor Tom Cullen, previously seen starring in the first series of Black Mirror and Ridley Scott miniseries World Without End.

His character is described as ‘an old family friend of the Crawleys who visits the family as a guest for a house party’ – but it’s unclear for how long he will stay at Downton.

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Apologies for not posting this sooner, I wanted to make sure this was confirmed before posting. This article states that both Carnival and Masterpiece have confirmed this casting. What do you think of Michelle’s new love interest? Is he what you pictured?

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