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While viewers may still be mourning the death of Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, his replacement has already been found, with Tom Cullen joining the cast of series four as Lady Mary’s new love interest.

Fans were left outraged on Christmas Day after Matthew was killed during the final minutes of the festive special, with his untimely demise coming the same day as the birth of his first child.

Producers tried to quell the unrest by promising a new love interest for Lady Mary, with Miranda star Tom Ellis initially tipped to take the role.

But now Carnival and Masterpiece on PBS – which broadcasts the show in the US – has confirmed Lord Gillingham will be played by Welsh actor Tom Cullen, previously seen starring in the first series of Black Mirror and Ridley Scott miniseries World Without End.

His character is described as ‘an old family friend of the Crawleys who visits the family as a guest for a house party’ – but it’s unclear for how long he will stay at Downton.

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Apologies for not posting this sooner, I wanted to make sure this was confirmed before posting. This article states that both Carnival and Masterpiece have confirmed this casting. What do you think of Michelle’s new love interest? Is he what you pictured?

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Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) and Allen Leech (Tom Branson) — who are already a few episodes into shooting Season 4 — expressed horror at the mere suggestion of such a coupling. “Oooh, I can’t do that,” Dockery says of her character. “He’s my brother-in-law!”

Leech agrees. “While it would be great for drama, I don’t think it would be right for those two,” he says. “As much as they respect each other, they come from very different worlds.”

But the two will bond over their mutual situation as single parents. “We will be spending so much more time together, from what we’ve already seen in the early episodes,” Dockery says. “We’re delighted by that. It’s going to take them both some time before they find someone new.”

Those new people are already on their way. British actor Tom Cullen has been cast as Lord Gillingham, who will be a love interest for Mary, and Leech hints that there may be some canoodling in the nursery between Tom and Downton’s new nanny.


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Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery recently discussed the impact that the tumultuous events of series 3 may have on her character, the imperturbable Mary Crawley. Serious spoilers ahead for series 3.

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Caution: Spoiler alert!

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Michelle Dockery
Lady Mary Crawley

What do you and Lady Mary have most in common?
She’s a very sensitive person underneath this cold exterior. I can sometimes relate to that strength she has on the outside. But we’re quite different in many ways.

How so?
I am, maybe, not quite as blunt as she is.

What frustrates you the most about her?
I think just her meanness toward Edith. I think if I were a friend of Edith’s, I’d stick up for her.

Why doesn’t Lady Mary have more dresses?
I think she has plenty. The amount of changes we do every day—she couldn’t possibly have any more! That would be really greedy. In the second series, we didn’t have quite so many changes because the war was on and it seemed inappropriate. But for the third series, there’s slightly more glamour; the war is over, the diamonds are out. —Katie Van Syckle


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Another image of Michelle has been released, along with several other Downton cast members who will appear in the January 2013 issue of Vogue Germany.


Michelle Dockery leads the way as Downton Abbey stars get the Vogue treatment in a high-fashion shoot

They’re known for gracing television screens in lavish period costumes in their roles as the aristocratic Crawley family.
But the stars of Downton Abbey have received a high-fashion makeover as they posed up a storm in an exclusive photoshoot for Vogue Germany.

Leading the way was Michelle Dockery, who traded in Lady Mary’s typical corsets and hooped gowns in favour of a stylish new look.

Wearing an intricately beaded sheer black gown, the 30-year-old actress could have easily passed for one of the world’s leading supermodels as she pouted and posed to perfection.

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Michelle Dockery was “devastated” while filming Lady Sybil’s death in ‘Downton Abbey’.

The 30-year-old actress, who portrays Lady Mary in the ITV1 period drama and Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith, were disappointed when Jessica Brown Findlay’s alter-ego was killed off, and the brunette beauty really misses her “distinctive” laugh. She said: “We knew a couple of weeks prior to filming the episode what was going happen to it felt like this huge build up. One of the last scenes we shot with Jessica was where the sisters say goodbye to her, and me and Laura Carmichael [Lady Edith] were just devastated playing it.

“We’ve spent three years of our lives together so Jessica going was as wrench. I miss her laugh, it’s really distinctive.”

While Michelle was distraught filming Sybil’s death, she puts her full trust in ‘Downton Abbey’ co-creator Julian Fellowes and is “excited” to see what is going to happen to each character in the show.

She explained: “We completely trust [Julian Fellowes'] ideas and writing and I’m always excited to see where each character goes, so who knows?”

Michelle loves working on the programme and she particularly enjoys the off-set camaraderie shared between her co-stars.

She added: “Everyone has such a brilliant sense of humour so there are lots of laughs on set.”


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The third series of Downton Abbey has been as big a treat as ever for fans, with more drama, tragedy, romance and lavish costumes to pore over.
For Michelle Dockery, though, the best thing wasn’t visible to the viewing public.

“The corsets have been abandoned,” she smiles. “That was a relief! I finally got to eat a full lunch each day. You certainly feel a lot freer.

“It’s been my favourite season for the fashions,” she adds. “And the hairstyles have changed significantly. We’re not quite into the Roaring 20s and flapper dresses, but there are lots of diamanté tiaras…”

If anyone can speak with authority about such matters, it’s Michelle. As ravishing newlywed Lady Mary Crawley, she has the show’s most envied wardrobe (a recent poll confirms it) and it’s clearly a responsibility she carries off screen, too.

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