Downton Episode 2 Screencaptures

Here are episode 2 screencaptures! I will on episode 3 as soon as I can! Enjoy! What are you thinking of this season so far?

Downton Episode 1 Screencaptures

I have uploaded screen captures from the first episode of Downton Abbey for series 5! What did you all think of the episode? I think it’s looking like a wonderful season for Mary and Gillingham’s relationship…but you never know and that’s what I love about the show! :) Enjoy viewing in the gallery!

‘Downton Abbey’ Series 5 PREMIERES TONIGHT IN THE UK!

Tonight on Downton Abbey: Emotions run deep and friendships grow closer as Downton Abbey series five returns.

If you have a link for a livestream, can you please leave it in the comments? Thanks! :)

Michelle in ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ Video

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Close To A Hollywood Breakthrough

English actress Michelle Dockery is best known for her role as snobby Lady Mary Crawley in the highly addicting drama series Downton Abbey. She’s been nominated for an Emmy for three consecutive years. Dockery is also a jazz singer. She occasionally sings with Sadie and the Hotheads, a band formed by Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Dockery’s mother (Lady Cora) in Downton Abbey. Dockery told DailyMail that she is keen to pursue songwriting, and cites her musical influences as Peggy Lee, Melody Gardot and Billie Holiday “in her more melancholy moods.”

When not singing or on the set of Downton Abbey, Dockery has been busy filming Selfless. To be released April 2015, Selfless is an unconventional sci-fi thriller about a terminally ill billionaire (Sir Ben Kingsley) who undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness to the body of a healthy young man (Ryan Reynolds). Dockery plays the leading lady. Next on her Hollywood docket: Queen of the Earth, another thriller. She’s co-star with Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss.


‘Downton Abbey’ Series 5 trailer released

Welcome back to Downton! And WELCOME BACK to the site! Enjoy viewing the Series 5 trailer below. HOW excited is everyone?!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Admiring Michelle Dockery!

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So, what did everyone think of Season 4?! We’re anxiously waiting here in the US, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to get my hands on season 4 episodes ;)! Let me know your thoughts!

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‘Downton’ Episode Two Screen Captures

Dockery: Lady Mary won’t struggle

Michelle Dockery has admitted she was pleased when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave their son the same name as her baby in Downton Abbey.

The actress plays Lady Mary Crawley, who called her first-born child George on screen just months before William and Kate did the same in real life. And having heard that the royal couple are big fans of the hit ITV show, Michelle revealed she was pleased as punch.

“It was quite amazing that day, when the royals named their baby George,” she laughed. “They’re fans of the show, apparently, so who knows!”

Michelle revealed that in the upcoming fourth series of the drama, fans will see Lady Mary struggling to bond with her baby, following husband Matthew’s death in a car crash.

“She is quite detached,” said the actress. “She finds it difficult to bond with the baby at first, because he reminds her of Matthew, but I don’t think Mary was ever going to be a cooey mother. I think she’ll be a good parent, but she won’t be an incredibly maternal one.”

But Michelle, 31, said Mary is still in a far more privileged position than her peers.

“Because of the position she’s in within the aristocracy, she wouldn’t have spent that much time with her children. You have a nanny and governess to take care of everything, so she’s not exactly a struggling single mother,” she said.

The new series will see some new potential suitors for Lady Mary. They will include an old chum – Lord Gillingham – played by Tom Cullen, jazz singer Jack Ross from Chicago, played by Gary Carr, and the belligerent Charles Blake, played by Julian Ovenden.

“Mary’s coming out of her grief slowly and, of course, there are new suitors invited to the house,” said Michelle. “Inevitably, she needs to move on at some point, because of her position, and because she now has the heir to Downton.”