Happy 2nd Anniversary, Admiring Michelle Dockery!
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Hi everyone!!! Can you believe it’s been TWO YEARS since the site first opened? I am so incredibly proud and I still love this site to death. I am working on lots of things behind the scenes, so please rest assured that the site will be coming back very soon!

AMD is coming back!
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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates these past few months. I moved out, started a new job and things have been pretty hectic! But, this site is near and dear to my heart, so rest assured, I will be working to get the site up to date! I really appreciate your understanding and support.

So, what did everyone think of Season 4?! We’re anxiously waiting here in the US, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to get my hands on season 4 episodes ;)! Let me know your thoughts!

Again, keep an eye out for a new design and gallery updates. Thank you for your patience and support! xo

‘Downton’ Episode Two Screen Captures
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Dockery: Lady Mary won’t struggle
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Michelle Dockery has admitted she was pleased when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave their son the same name as her baby in Downton Abbey.

The actress plays Lady Mary Crawley, who called her first-born child George on screen just months before William and Kate did the same in real life. And having heard that the royal couple are big fans of the hit ITV show, Michelle revealed she was pleased as punch.

“It was quite amazing that day, when the royals named their baby George,” she laughed. “They’re fans of the show, apparently, so who knows!”

Michelle revealed that in the upcoming fourth series of the drama, fans will see Lady Mary struggling to bond with her baby, following husband Matthew’s death in a car crash.

“She is quite detached,” said the actress. “She finds it difficult to bond with the baby at first, because he reminds her of Matthew, but I don’t think Mary was ever going to be a cooey mother. I think she’ll be a good parent, but she won’t be an incredibly maternal one.”

But Michelle, 31, said Mary is still in a far more privileged position than her peers.

“Because of the position she’s in within the aristocracy, she wouldn’t have spent that much time with her children. You have a nanny and governess to take care of everything, so she’s not exactly a struggling single mother,” she said.

The new series will see some new potential suitors for Lady Mary. They will include an old chum – Lord Gillingham – played by Tom Cullen, jazz singer Jack Ross from Chicago, played by Gary Carr, and the belligerent Charles Blake, played by Julian Ovenden.

“Mary’s coming out of her grief slowly and, of course, there are new suitors invited to the house,” said Michelle. “Inevitably, she needs to move on at some point, because of her position, and because she now has the heir to Downton.”


BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013 Party
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Pics to come!

First Clip from Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Press Day Interview
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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Press Pack
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Michelle Dockery Plays Lady Mary
The last series of Downton Abbey began with Lady Mary in a wedding dress. This series begins with her in widow’s weeds. It’s six months after Matthew’s death and she’s still in full mourning.

“Normally three months after someone’s passed away the women would start to change into lilacs and greys and purples but Mary is refusing, even after six months, to change out of anything but black. Everyone around her is trying to bring her out of this dark spell that she’s under. In the first episode there’s an almost fairytale-like quality to things… like a sort of spell that’s been cast over Downton. It’s even shot in that way, very grey and bleak. And it only really begins to thaw when she comes out of mourning.”

The family and staff are all concerned. Several of them try to lift her out of her grief, through parties and trying to get her to meet new people.

“But she can’t move on and I don’t think Mary will for a long time. Matthew’s still very much in her thoughts.”

This stands in stark contrast to Mary’s prevailing mood throughout series three. She was settled and happy and she had a future ahead of her, until her world was turned on its head. But Dockery says that the death of Matthew has opened up new opportunities for her character.

“Initially, when we read the storyline with Matthew’s death we all thought, ‘What will happen now?’ But it has taken things down a completely different avenue. Series four is a complete contrast to series three. And I’m still discovering so many sides to her character. I like how in the first few episodes of series four Mary is retreating to being quite cold again like she was in series one. In a slightly more grown up way and for very different reasons, she was quite a superficial, spoilt brat in the first series but now she’s changed. It’s through the grief really.”

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Emmy watch: ‘Downton’s’ Michelle Dockery sings out about her role
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I’m sitting in a Beverly Hills ballroom with Michelle Dockery. We’re the only two people in the room, which, though, lacking in grandeur, is large enough for a “Downton Abbey” soiree.

“I’ll need to project my voice,” says the British actress, surveying the scene.

Having grown up middle-class, Dockery’s accent isn’t as posh as that of her character’s on the hit series. In “Downton,” she plays Lady Mary, the eldest daughter of the Crawley family, owners of the vast country estate.

For most of the first three years of the show, Mary has had a decidedly “upstairs” attitude. On the other hand, Dockery — who is nominated for an Emmy as best actress in a series — comes across as pretty salt of the earth.

Created by Julian Fellowes, “Downton,” which is aired in more than 100 countries, is one of the of the most watched shows in the world and has a dedicated fan base. Now “Downton” fans are in a tizzy wondering what will happen to Lady Mary after the shocking Season 3 finale, in which her husband, Matthew (Dan Stevens) is killed in a car crash shortly after she has just given birth to their son and Downton heir.

“It’s an interesting season,” muses the 31-year-old actress, who only had a couple more days of shooting left in Season 4 when we talked. “It’s such a change – again – for the character. She’s gone through all these ups and downs. She started off quite hard and then she softened and finally got her man. Now that it’s all gone, she’s almost reverted back to being very cold again, which I admit I have enjoyed playing.”

Matthew’s death, says Dockery, sets off a domino effect of changes for the new season, which begins airing in Britain on Sept. 22, but not in the U.S. until next Jan.5.

For the record, Stevens’ departure was his own choice. His contract was up and he decided not to renew it, feeling that “Downton’s” six-month shooting schedule didn’t allow him enough time to pursue other roles. Fellowes had him go in dramatic fashion, though.

“I just felt I wasn’t ready to finish,” says Dockery, who had the same option. “It was sad to hear that Dan was going, but it also opened some storytelling opportunities for Julian.”

While the massive success of the series is as a surprise to her as it was to many people, Dockery says she can understand it. She, herself, was a “Sex and the City” devotee.

“I was completely addicted to it,” she says. ”I’d watch certain episodes when certain things were going on in my life and I felt those were comforting.”

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Downton Abbey Season 4 on Masterpiece – Sneak Peek
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